Tarotmoon Press

Adventures in Self-Publishing


Welcome to Tarotmoon Press! This site fulfills a long-standing goal of moving my writing and publishing activities to a self-published, freely available format. I am quite excited about this experiment and am looking forward to seeing how it works out. I have a vision of someday having other tarot authors join in, sharing their materials in a free and open format, and readers coming here to get all the latest from their favorite authors.

Of course, an important aspect of this system is donations – this is our way of making materials available to you that are much more affordable than traditional books or even e-books. We hope you will recognize their value and share according to the value these writings hold for you and your ability to contribute – with no expectations on our part other than good will all around.

You can subscribe to this blog at right and receive updates as more downloadable material is added to the site. In addition, I may muse on tarot and astrology as the mood takes me :) My other blog, ShadowMeTeresa, is more personal in nature and doesn’t lend itself as well to writing about esoterica. Feel free to follow me in either or both places.

Currently, I have uploaded all of the material originally published on my older website TarotMoon, including a wide variety of original spreads and both philosophical and practical articles. I am now working on adding new material that has never been published, including additional articles, course materials for 8- and 12-week tarot classes, and sections of my books in progress. These newer items will be marked with a *NEW* once available, and with each update. For example, I’ve added a couple of new tarot games to the Articles page and the first few chapters of a brand-new book to the Books in Progress page.

Enjoy! And I’d love to hear what you think of this concept.


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