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A fresh take on the Seven of Swords

In addition to publishing new tarot and astrology materials, I may have mentioned that I’ll be blogging more here on those topics than I ever did on my personal blog, knowing that the readership is interested :) Today is the first of those posts.

I’m out in Idaho, working as a facilitator for a group of government and tribal scientists. We’re having a 3-day annual planning meeting, and at times it can get pretty tense. Outside of the meetings I occasionally socialize with one of the women, and had once done a tarot reading for her. She shared with me an interesting insight on the Seven of Swords today, and how it helped her get through the frustrating parts of these meetings.

At first, I thought – sure, it would. When you’re looking at it in its more positive and less sneaky aspects, it’s all about making do with what you can carry or manage, and leaving some things for another day – or, thinking with ingenuity about difficult problems that may not have good solutions. But her take on it was quite different.

I don’t actually remember which deck we were using that day – perhaps it was Druidcraft (I don’t have it here to check the image). She remembered a Seven of Swords in which some of the swords were stuck in the ground. She often feels ignored in this group, even though she has more experience in the subject matter than many of these folks. So, she imagines herself placing her swords in the ground, like gifts of ideas or thoughts to the group, which the group can take or leave as it chooses.

I have also seen this card as trying (but not succeeding) to take or carry all of the swords. I never thought of giving away the swords (and perhaps holding back a few of your own), without really being sure of whether they would be wanted or how they would be used – as ideas or as weapons? – but offering them anyway.

It was also interesting that she held that particular image and used it productively in the meetings. This is a very difficult group and it is not easy to facilitate, and I realized that working with tarot after the meeting always calmed me down, although I had never tried to connect the two activities. I think I’ll have to ask the tarot which card would help me keep a positive outlook throughout :)


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  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to say that I found the description of the 7 of Swords very useful.

    I’ve always seen it in its most traditional manner – sneaky, crafty, lies and deceit. Yet this insight makes perfect sense.

    In some readings I’ve done, I got the distinct impression that the 7 of Swords was favorable, yet I was never able to articulate it as well as you have presented it in your post.

    Thanks for sharing :D


    Comment by Douglas Gibb | September 21, 2009 | Reply

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