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Tarot and astrology

This is the first in a series of posts exploring a long-standing fascination of mine, the interface between tarot and astrology. I started studying this years ago by looking at Moon signs and phases and how they affect everyday life, which led to writing a book on astrology for tarot readers (in progress). I’m now moving into the rest of the planets and following their transits and aspects to one another.

These are things we all feel in our daily lives as a vast backdrop of energies and cycles. However, tarot really brings it into focus. With astrology we can ask questions like:

  • What universal forces are at work today, next week, next month, over the next 10 years?
  • How are the individual planets aspecting each other? In other words, which ones are creating challenging or supportive energy with one another?
  • How do these generally felt influences interact with my specific natal chart to create times when opportunities, difficulties, or creative tension may arise?

Overall, astrology tells us the energies that are operating and when specifically they come into play. But, like free will, astrology doesn’t tell us exactly how these forces will affect any individual’s life or the specific circumstances at the time. That is up to the person, and to some extent others in their lives and the surrounding environment that happens to be in place.

This is where tarot comes in. With tarot we can add to the questions above and ask questions like:

  • How is the astrological energy that is generally present now specifically manifesting (or most likely to manifest) in my life?
  • How can I make best use of the opportunities, challenges, and tensions that are presenting themselves now?
  • How is a particular energy that is present likely to affect a given situation, and what is the best way to work with that influence?

This combination of tools seems particularly powerful to me. After 30 years of tarot reading, and growing up in a family with astrologers, I feel somewhat ready to start this exploration. I say “somewhat”, because astrology is a very complex subject, and it seems like another 30 years may be needed. On the other hand, you have to start somewhere! The modern astrological tools that are available has made this type of work infinitely more accessible – I remember my mother calculating charts by hand! Now I have a little tray icon that shows me the phase and sign of the moon at all times, and a slightly more complex program that shows me the transits and aspects of all the planets in my location – as well as a nifty flash animation that shows the paths of all the planets in motion. Not to mention I need to send a shout out to my fave online astrologer, Terrence Guardino, for sharing his astrology knowledge on video and tweets, and all the other great astrologers who take the time to share their knowledge with us.

So, having assembled all these tools, I plan to start blogging incessantly about astrology and tarot. I hope this will be of interest to some of you :) I will be looking at specific planetary transits and aspects that are actively affecting all of us, and showing how one could use tarot to help make sense out of and work with these planetary energies. Look for the first one coming up in the next day or so on the Saturn-Uranus opposition occurring now and for some time, and how that plays out in, among other things, our health care debate.


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  1. I’ll be reading with interest your posts.

    Comment by Ginger | September 20, 2009 | Reply

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