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Pity poor Saturn… more on the health care debate

In the last post, I wanted to keep it simple and show how tarot could be used with just one aspect and one issue – which was already quite complex. However, it turns out there’s a lot more going on that just a Saturn-Uranus opposition. Saturn is in a quincunx with Neptune (which means 5 houses apart), which is a fairly tense and uncomfortable aspect. On top of that, in November Saturn will be heading into a square (3 houses apart) with Pluto, an even more difficult aspect.

This is no fun for our poor Saturn – representing the forces of authority, government, conservativism, and the status quo. All you liberals out there may be cheering, but the more threatened Saturn feels, the more tenaciously those who identify with these feelings may fight against change. Neptune is in Aquarius, which is one of those visionary combinations, and not incidentally ruled by Uranus. This is a time of ideals; there is a feeling of oneness, that anything could happen if we are not afraid to embrace and love one another. In terms of health care, this translates to an egalitarian vision of full coverage for all, equal treatment, and a triumph of humanitarian principles over capitalism. It’s not too surprising that this is stressing out Saturn in Virgo, a very practical-minded responsible combination who is probably wondering just how we’re going to pay for all this and whether everyone just has their heads in the clouds.

Neptune also brings an energy of dissolving boundaries, mysticism, and yes, illusion and manipulation. It may be hard for the average person to tell what is real, who’s telling the truth, what is illusion. Between Neptune and Uranus, there’s a lot of energy for change in unlimited ways, ways that may not be well-bounded and could cause a lot of dislocation before they’re over. But wait… we’re not done yet.

Next comes Pluto squaring Saturn, starting in November and heading well into 2010. Now we have a planet of deep transformative change challenging Saturn directly, not just in minor stressful aspects, but head-on. Pluto’s flirting with Sagittarius right now, but by the time of the square will be firmly back in Capricorn, which is normally Saturn’s comfort zone. Saturn, on the other hand, will be heading into indecisive Libra. Pluto just went direct after a period of retrograde motion, so it’s going to be bringing a lot of pressure to bear on the government for substantial change. This would be the type of powerful, transformative, thorough change that Pluto is known for, not just minor fiddling around the edges.

With all these powerful forces in play, it’s obvious that this health care situation is going to be fraught with difficulty on all sides. We have four heavy-weight planets, three seemingly lined up against Saturn, but two of those are retrograde and the other was until recently. Neptune will be going direct at the end of October, and Uranus in November – all that pent-up energy will be released just as the square with Pluto hits. Are we having fun yet?

So let’s try a tarot reading that’s a little bit different from the one we did yesterday. With all these challenging aspects and planets currently retrograde, I’m having a hard time believing that health care will get solved before Congress adjourns for the holidays. But let’s not make assumptions – we can draw two cards for the influence of each planet, one for 2009 and one for the 2010 session that runs approximately Jan-July. Using the Morgan-Greer:

Saturn 2009 – Knight of Cups
Uranus 2009 – Nine of Pentacles, reversed
Neptune 2009 – Ten of Pentacles
Pluto 2009 – Ten of Swords, reversed

Well, some serious end-of-suit cards there. The Knight of Cups appears to be searching for the Holy Grail of health care reform – working in good faith, idealistic, but knowing that he is searching for something he may never find. If this represents Saturn in the guise of Congress, they’re at least trying their best, and not without compassion and creativity. It is quite interesting that the one idealistic card appeared for Saturn, and the others are more down-to-earth or difficult. All three of the other planets are working to bring something to its end, with Uranus and Neptune focusing on the suit of Pentacles. The Nine of Pentacles in this deck is a particularly opulent looking woman, and Uranus may be focusing its energies on wealth disparities in the system.

The Ten of Pentacles is in part a card of legacies and institutions, as well as families. In this version of the card, two flags with five pentacles each bar the viewer’s way to a doorway, as if to prevent us from entering the house. Neptune may be working to dissolve the barriers in existing institutions and redistribute the wealth or disrupt the established order to make way for something new. Pluto manifesting as the 10 of Swords reversed feels a little like the death of 1000 cuts, which in the context of Congress is not encouraging. Looking at these four cards in a row, one gets the sense of society starting out somewhat naively in good faith, searching for the grail of a compassionate and idealistic health care system – then running into barriers related to money and established institutions, followed by a dismal and legalistic dismemberment of whatever is put forth. If they do manage to put an end to our current health care system this session, you can bet it won’t be pretty or the way anyone wanted it to end.

Saturn 2010 – Eight of Pentacles, reversed
Uranus 2010 – The Hierophant
Neptune 2010 – Six of Wands
Pluto 2010 – Three of Swords

I have to say, things look a lot better in 2010. Now the only reversed card is Saturn, representing the status quo and possibly the fact that Saturn goes retrograde in January and its influence may not be as strong. Even this card is somewhat encouraging, the Eight of Pentacles suggesting that those who represent this side will continue working and continue trying to be involved, even if they don’t prevail on all their issues. We are now moving backwards from the establishment 9 and 10 to the 8, representing real hard work.

Jupiter will be conjunct with Neptune early in the year, and then later with Uranus, possibly strengthening them and bringing them the more positive energy seen here. The forces of change may finally find their voice in the form of someone who can lead the public out of their current divisiveness and therefore rededicate Congress more strongly to its task. Neptune carries the wands of Victory, which also suggests better and more visionary leadership on this issue than is currently making itself known – together Uranus and Neptune look like an unstoppable force, able to prevail over the weakened Saturn. Lastly, Pluto – the Three of Swords, upright. In this position, I see pain, struggle – and eventual illumination after the storm. There is a third way, the way of transformation through ideas, suffering, and storm clouds.

Wish us luck – we’re going to need it :)  The next post in this series will focus on using astrology and tarot in a more personal situation – something you could do for yourself.


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