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Mid-October Additions

I’ve recently added a couple of new chapters to the Living the Tarot series, including the Two of Pentacles and the Princess of Pentacles (for some reason, my deck wanted me to work with Pentacles this month!). You can find these on the Book in Progress page.

In addition, I’ve uploaded a new article on unhappy/difficult clients prompted by a question on a forum I belong to. This article explores what it means to have an unhappy client, why this happens, what you can do about it, and how you can use these situations to grow as a professional reader. Among the discussion topics are:

  • Non-responsive/impassive clients
  • Clients in denial
  • Angry clients demanding refunds
  • Clients who challenge or test the reader
  • Clients expecting perfect predictions
  • The types of questions that lead to difficult interpretation situations and unhappy customers, and how to avoid them
  • Setting boundaries and following them
  • “Answer-shoppers” and psychic addictions



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New Moon in Libra – Setting a direction for the month

Today we have moved on to a dark moon or new moon in Libra. This is the start of a month-long lunar cycle, the time when the seeds are sown for whatever will come into fruition during the cycle. While the moon will not stay in Libra the entire time, the sign that the moon is in at the new moon sets the stage for the lunar cycle – it represents the energy that is available while the seeds are being sown, to use one metaphor.

The energy in this new moon cycle is about balance, harmony, and beauty and relationships with others. Partnerships of all kinds are highlighted, whether lovers, business partners, clients, or other ventures. Conscious attention to the new moon energy can be helpful in setting a focus for the month, and this is the perfect time to form an intention. But how do you go about it?

One way is to simply think about these areas of your life and what you’d like to achieve. I find that a one-month time period is a good length of time to make reasonable progress. Smaller projects can be finished, and longer goals can still be broken down into a more specific focus for a month.

Another way is to look at your astrological chart and see what house your moon is currently in – not where it was when you were born, but where it is now. You can determine this by either progressing your chart or by looking up the specific degree of Libra that the moon is in and then locating that position on your birth chart. The house that your moon is in also provides some of the energy for what part of your life this cycle may affect most.

If you’re a tarot reader, you can use the tarot to help provide insight. This is a more specific approach; the lunar information tells you what kinds of energies are available, while the tarot tells you specifically how you can use them in the coming month. For example, let’s say I draw a card for this coming month and receive the Two of Pentacles. Right away I may notice that there is a duality expressed in the card that nicely mirrors the balance and self-other theme of Libra. We are in the suit of Pentacles, so my attention is focused on matters of health, money, possessions, or work. Looking more closely at the card, the juggling process seems unsustainable; while it could be argued to be in balance, it is not likely to stay that way over the long-term.

Putting the two together, I’d say there is an emotional need this month to bring competing priorities into better balance and have them become more harmonious. Libra suggests not dropping one of these two Pentacles altogether, but finding a more long-term, sustainable way of integrating them so as to not be under so much constant stress. At the new moon, the Sun and the Moon are in opposition, an aspect that produces stresses that can be positively resolved if the inner and outer self can be reconciled. Similarly, the combination of Libra and the Two of Pentacles suggests that two things are currently coming into conflict that can be brought into better harmony – and that I need to focus on the areas suggested by the suit.

If it’s immediately clear to me what the issue is (and with a short-term reading it usually is), I can go ahead and get started on my plan. It’s still only the new moon, so the best thing to do is rest and sow the seeds rather than jump right out and get started. If I need more information on what the best issue to work with is or more likely, how to get started, I can draw additional cards. It can be helpful when working with lunar cycles to set your intention in this way at the new moon, and then draw additional cards as the moon progresses through its phases, each of which have roles to play in the cycle and in completing your project. A full lunar cycle reading can be done at the start of the cycle, but I think it is more effective to do it as the lunar month moves along, drawing cards as close to the phases of interest as you can.

(For more detailed information on lunar cycle spreads, check out Original Tarot Spreads – Phases of the Moon)

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Using lunar energy

Recent posts on astrology and tarot dealt with some pretty large-scale issues having to do with societal planets and national issues of health care. Let’s look now at something much closer to home – lunar energy. The moon is something we all can directly feel, and it’s energies fluctuate constantly. The Moon rules our emotional selves, and provides our connection to where we feel at home, security, nurturing, and our intuition.

These emotional energies have a great deal to do with how we react to things on a daily basis. Some days we feel more grounded than others, or more directed, or apathetic, or unstable. This has a lot to do with what sign the moon is in, as well as its phase. Throughout the course of a year, the combination of the two will never be the same, and in addition to its monthly cycle, the moon changes sign approximately every 2 and a half days.

People do react differently to the moon in different signs, depending on what sign their own moon is in, but there are some general similarities. If you follow the moon cycles over time, you can learn how you react to them, and when you’re likely to be irritable or calm. For example, I have trouble with Cancer moons if there is anything emotional going on – it’s like a doubling of my native Cancer moon. I’ve learned that if I seem to be crying for no reason or reacting overly emotionally, it’s probably a cancer moon. I never try to tackle an important emotional conversation during that time. Fortunately, I won’t have long to wait before the cheerful Leo energy arrives.

I keep a little desktop application on my computer called Lunabar that constantly tells me what sign and phase the moon is in, because I like to know what it’s doing, and here in the rainy Pacific NW, I can’t always see it. As a mediator, I deal a lot with people’s feelings and emotional selves, so it helps me to know what kind of energies are operating on any given day.

Let’s look at today – the Moon is in Libra, and is waning to its last, smallest sliver before the new moon. Right now, our emotional selves want everything to be in balance. Harmony, beauty, and comfort make us feel good, and we want to be on good terms with others. The waning moon is a good time to let go of something from the previous cycle, to release yesterday’s news, and to tie up loose ends before the next dark moon. If you’ve already done these things, then the Libra moon will tell you to relax and enjoy life – you’ve earned it.

On a practical note for me, this might be a good time to do a divorce mediation, because the parties would be more likely to value harmony in their relationships and the energy would be right to facilitate reaching closure and starting over. They would value an equitable division of resources and would be more willing to give and take than if the moon was in, say, Aries – which is all about me – or Cancer, which would tend to be very emotional. Libra is able to keep a certain amount of emotional detachment, which is helpful in this situation.

A business meeting might be good for the same reasons – it would be a good time to finish up contracts that were equitable and fair, on good terms. You would want this to be something you’d been working on that was mostly done, and you were just putting the finishing touches on it. Trying to do something difficult or complicated right now, or to start a big new cycle, might meet with some resistance. It’s not time for that yet, as the new moon has not yet arrived. People might not feel like working that hard – there’s a certain dissipation of emotional energy as the dark moon arrives. The energy in the meeting would likely be more toward finishing up easy, noncontroversial items. These are just a few examples from my everyday working life of how the moon affects what I do.

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September Additions

This month I added a couple of sets of course materials, including a 7-week course on reversals, and a 4-week course on the Celtic Cross. I have modified these so that they are suitable for individual study, but they were originally designed for online courses. They could be used either for self-study or to teach in-person or on-line classes. Look for these on the Course Materials page.

On the Books in Progress page, I have added the long-awaited first installment of Astrology for Tarot Readers, including the Introduction, a chapter on the court cards, a chapter on the minor arcana that includes some new takes on numerology and planetary associations, and chapters on each of the 7 original planets of ancient astrology and how they are related to both modern and Renaissance tarot.

Still to come is a lengthy first chapter introducing the basic concepts of astrology to tarot readers – this is completely written, and is only being held up by some illustrations I am working on, so should be available sometime in October. If you’re completely new to astrology, you may want to wait for that chapter before reading the later ones. Also, I will be adding sections to Chapter 2 on the other planets and signs as they are expressed in astrology and tarot correspondances, and starting to add the later chapters illustrating how to blend astrology and tarot. Enjoy!

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