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September Additions

This month I added a couple of sets of course materials, including a 7-week course on reversals, and a 4-week course on the Celtic Cross. I have modified these so that they are suitable for individual study, but they were originally designed for online courses. They could be used either for self-study or to teach in-person or on-line classes. Look for these on the Course Materials page.

On the Books in Progress page, I have added the long-awaited first installment of Astrology for Tarot Readers, including the Introduction, a chapter on the court cards, a chapter on the minor arcana that includes some new takes on numerology and planetary associations, and chapters on each of the 7 original planets of ancient astrology and how they are related to both modern and Renaissance tarot.

Still to come is a lengthy first chapter introducing the basic concepts of astrology to tarot readers – this is completely written, and is only being held up by some illustrations I am working on, so should be available sometime in October. If you’re completely new to astrology, you may want to wait for that chapter before reading the later ones. Also, I will be adding sections to Chapter 2 on the other planets and signs as they are expressed in astrology and tarot correspondances, and starting to add the later chapters illustrating how to blend astrology and tarot. Enjoy!


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