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Dark Moon in Scorpio

A new monthly cycle begins – this time in Scorpio. This is a time for sowing seeds in the dark of night that will lead to transformation, personal power (however that is defined for you), sexuality. Scorpio moons are intriguing, magnetic, sensual, even a bit dangerous, especially to our emotional lives – yet never boring. This year, I’m ready for whatever adventures this month has in store – bring it on! Just watch out for the sting ;)

Life has been a bit tedious lately, as I’ve been editing a book of almost 24 chapters. It’s due before Thanksgiving, so I’m toiling away. It’s an interesting project as such things go, but I’ll be glad when it’s over, as it’s been pretty much stealing my writing energy/time. I will have a new set of course materials and a chapter or two in Living the Tarot by the end of the month, however, so stay tuned!


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