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Thoughts for the new moon

Here it is, nearing the new year, my birthday, and a full moon in Cancer – a blue moon no less. The other day my Mother and I were talking about the difference between blogging and journaling, the first something you do to share your thoughts with the world, and the second when you want to keep them private. My moon in Cancer is one of the few signs in the bottom half of my astrological chart, and its times like these where I have a hard time talking about the emotional landscape inside. It feels too private to share. At least I’m not shedding tears, which is the usual effect of a full moon in Cancer on me!

My mom has most of her planets in the bottom half of her chart, while most of mine are clustered around the midheaven. This may explain my preference for blogging – if it isn’t getting out into the world somehow, the purpose of writing somehow escapes me; it feels like an empty exercise. A friend drew a reversed Knight of Wands for my birthday, and she was talking about two possible interpretations – perhaps an inner journey of personal seeking or growth… or maybe just a warning about the type of guy to avoid! LOL. I told her I wasn’t sure I was capable of inner journeys :)  and I surely do need to avoid that type of man and that type of relationship for a change. It’s not that I don’t grow and change personally, I just somehow don’t see it as internal. It has to affect my outer life too, because that’s how I gauge how my life is going.

Yet, there is that lone Moon in Cancer in my fourth house, that opposes a bunch of the stuff up in the 10th. So, there is that tendency I have to withdraw at times when things get emotionally intense, as they have been for most of the fall. This is one reason you haven’t seen me as much as I planned to be writing, because the only things I really wanted and needed to think and write about couldn’t be said.

But now it’s a new year, and a new life ahead. The one thing I love about this time of year is solstice, the deep stillness that seems to last all through the holidays for me, because I don’t celebrate the commercial ones much and work is slow. That silence and time for reflection every year is so essential to my well-being, as I know it is for many. I wish you all deep peace and renewal in this turning of the year.


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Court Cards Course

Well, I surely meant to be posting a lot more frequently. I’ve been in one of those life situations that just uses up all your emotional energy, which for me has somehow affected my will to write. Imagine being lost in the Seven of Cups and the Five of Cups simultaneously, and you’ll have some idea. It’s over now, and I’m picking up the pieces, though little writing has gotten done in the last month.

Still and all, I can offer up at least one gift to the tarot community this month, and that is a set of course materials on court cards. I have taught this class many times over the years and really enjoyed it each time. Every discussion has been different, and it has really refined my views and understanding of the courts cards. I hope you enjoy it – and by the way, there’s been a lively discussion of the court cards going on at ComparativeTarot starting October 1. We’re working on the Queens this month, and you’re welcome to join us and review the Pages and Knights as well.

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