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Tarot Transits – Sun trine Saturn

Here is an interesting aspect, occurring Jan 18-27. With the Sun trine Saturn, there is an easy flow of energy between the self and responsibilities, structures, and other necessary activities. If you found it hard to make progress on New Year’s resolutions or life goals at the actual New Year, it may be easier at this time to establish these good habits and put into place needed and positive structural changes, especially if your birthday falls in this period.

Here are some tarot cards you could draw for this transit to help guide your personal activities in response to this positively aspected Saturn energy:

1. What structure would be most beneficial to add to my life right now?
2. What responsibilities could I productively step up and take care of right now?
3. What benefits would this bring over the coming year?

Choose whichever one of the first two seems to best apply, then use the third question to help add even more motivation by highlighting the possible results.


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Tarot Transits – Jupiter in Pisces

With this post, I’m starting a series looking at astrological transits and/or aspects and how tarot can be used to put these astrological energies to good use. I’ll post and discuss a particular event that’s going on either currently or in the next few days, along with related questions that can be used with a simple 1-3 card tarot reading. I hope you’ll post the results of your readings in the comments section – if there’s enough interest in doing this regularly we can start a discussion group.

It seemed fitting to start this series with Jupiter entering Pisces today, January 17, until June 5. Jupiter is the planet of fortune, expansiveness, and prosperity, and for those of us who make all or part of our living in areas related to Pisces and the 12th house, this period may provide a particularly beneficial opportunity for new and creative endeavors. Anyone who works in areas relating to spirituality, creativity, the occult, or hidden matters of the mind (e.g., psychologists) or spirit may benefit. There could also be a focus on charitable work and ways of recreating economies that reflect our personal and spiritual values.

One aspect that will need to be overcome for many of us is building a belief that our particular gifts are worth being monetarily compensated for, and that it’s acceptable to make a living, even a good living, using them. Pisces may suffer from self-doubt or lack of self-esteem, although Jupiter can help bring a much-needed positive and confident outlook to counter that. Jupiter also brings fiery energy to jump-start plans that may have been swirling around in the back of our minds for a while without materializing.

There are also challenges during this period. One should take care not to fall under the sway of illusory influences or economic schemes that are shifty or not on solid ground. There could be a dreamy, unrealistic quality to plans or ideas for money-making, especially daydreams of easy money. Alcohol and other temptations can derail the best-laid plans. Sticking to a sound business plan while also holding true to our spiritual values provides the surest path forward in creating a more rewarding personal economy.

With all of the above in mind, and also keeping firmly in mind the time period within which we’re working, you may wish to draw a single tarot card for each of these questions (feel free to choose other questions if you prefer):

1) How can I best use the Jupiter in Pisces energy to increase my personal wealth/income in a way consistent with my spiritual values?
2) What pitfalls or challenges are most likely to be of concern for me personally in doing so?

Here are my results with the Tarot of Dreams:

1) Four of Coins, reversed. This is an interesting message that I interpret as not being afraid to spend money – not hoarding or saving in fear of not having enough. I should not have too structured of a plan that limits me from moving in new directions, particularly out of fear or concern for the future or financial stability. Jupiter is an expansive, generous energy, and during this time at least, I can afford to give my gifts to the world and spend money to make money. There are opportunities I could miss if I am too conservative.

2) Queen of Coins, reversed. Two reversed cards in Coins suggests to me that my focus needs to be less about money and how to plan for it and obtain it, less focus on material things in general (which will ultimately create what I need in this area). I spent most of last year tending to my house and business in very material ways, and I need to go in new directions this year. The Queen of Pentacles is my natural sign, with many planets in Capricorn near the midheaven, so I need to resist the temptation to continue with being the same person I always am and doing the same things I always do, and let other parts of myself take the fore.

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New Year’s Resolutions in Capricorn

This was an interesting New Year’s period for Capricorns, astrologically speaking. The Sun and Mercury were conjunct from Jan 1-5, and Mercury was retrograde. Now, I personally think that the Solstice-New Year’s period is always a bit more meaningful for us Cappys – it comes right at our birthdays, emphasizing reflection on the past year and looking forward toward the coming year. Being an Earth sign, we feel the stillness of mid-winter that is solstice deeply, the fallowness of the earth, the inward being in the darkness and then reaching out again toward the light.

But this year, we had this added factor. People tend to moan and groan at Mercury retrograde, but let’s take a more careful look. Mercury is the planet of expression and thought. It’s the thinking part of our brain, ruling Gemini and Virgo. Sure, there can be all kinds of screw-ups with transportation, technology, and communication. But leaving that aside for a moment, it’s also an excellent time to rethink, re-evaluate, re-imagine our lives. Kind of like a New Year’s resolution, only better. Rather than reaching out to communicate outwardly, we’re thinking inwardly and communing with ourselves, perhaps with that deep still part of the mind that Mercury doesn’t always sit still enough to listen to.

Add to that the conjunction with the Sun in our sign. So, what are we thinking about, re-evaluating, re-imagining? Our outward selves – what we project to the world, what we show everyone of ourselves. For a Capricorn, that’s serious business indeed. And interestingly, I saw several of my fellow Cappies posting in this period about exactly this – starting a new career, rededicating themselves to walking their walk and being successful at it, and other plans of that nature.

Myself, I felt somewhat fallow in this period. I have reached most of my life goals from the last 5 years over the last year, and wasn’t sure I was ready to make new ones. However, just as this period was ending, I felt it all come together and I realized what my next process needs to be – outwardly focused yes, but perhaps more personal than usual for my goals.

I’d love to hear from other Capricorns and see if this rings true for you :)

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