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Tarot Transits – Sun trine Saturn

Here is an interesting aspect, occurring Jan 18-27. With the Sun trine Saturn, there is an easy flow of energy between the self and responsibilities, structures, and other necessary activities. If you found it hard to make progress on New Year’s resolutions or life goals at the actual New Year, it may be easier at this time to establish these good habits and put into place needed and positive structural changes, especially if your birthday falls in this period.

Here are some tarot cards you could draw for this transit to help guide your personal activities in response to this positively aspected Saturn energy:

1. What structure would be most beneficial to add to my life right now?
2. What responsibilities could I productively step up and take care of right now?
3. What benefits would this bring over the coming year?

Choose whichever one of the first two seems to best apply, then use the third question to help add even more motivation by highlighting the possible results.


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  1. How great is it that I saw this post this morning, just as the Moon in Gemini completes a Grand Trine with the Sun and Saturn … facilitating networking and communication :) The questions you pose are excellent, and I’m going to try this later today …thanks!

    Comment by Mary Pat | January 25, 2010 | Reply

    • Yes – I’m excited about that too because I have a major meeting today in which we’re trying to resolve an interagency dispute that’s more than a year in the making, and finally make some progress. I am very much hoping that the energies will help work in our favor (in addition to lots of prep on my part!)

      Comment by shadowmeteresa | January 25, 2010 | Reply

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