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Practical impacts of astrological cycles

When I did a lot of tarot readings, I used to find they came in waves, not evenly dispersed in time. Often a new moon or full moon would trigger them, especially in certain signs. Other planetary conjunctions, or events in the world, could also trigger fear and anxiety. And then there are the times of year when people typically take stock of their lives and often had readings done – solstice, New Year, birthdays, and interestingly enough, the end of summer (early September).

Now I’m intrigued by similar waves of work in a less fun area – divorce mediations. This is something I do as a sideline to environmental mediations, because I’m trained for it and there’s no-one else in this area that offers it. In the last two days I’ve had a rash of requests for divorce mediations – and they want it now, not later. Looking at my handy lunabar, I see that it’s a waning moon in Gemini. Perhaps something about self-other came to a head recently and it’s time to let go? Interesting to speculate – any other ideas?


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