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Doing tarot readings again…

For many, many years, I did tarot readings for the public from my reading site, http://www.tarotmoon.com. This was a lifeline for me at a time when my world was difficult – to be able to help others and access the wisdom in the cards. After I got divorced, I needed to focus on career again for a while, just to pay the bills, and took some time off from reading. I also felt a need to reorganize my readings, make them more focused on natural energies like the four elements and lunar cycles, and simplify the readings I was doing. And needless to say, I’ve picked up some nifty new decks in the meantime :)

Lately, I’ve been feeling that tug from the tarot again. I’ve redesigned my site to focus in on the best and most productive spreads I’ve used over 25 years, the ones that give the most insightful readings in nearly every circumstance. You’ll notice that most of them are small. I’ve found over the years that smaller, more focused readings can be just as good or better than large, sprawling readings that are time-consuming to conduct and difficult to take in and assimilate. Plus, they have the side advantage of being more affordable.

In addition, I’ve assembled a group of decks that I’ve found to be the most enjoyable to read with over the years, which should still provide plenty of variety so that everyone can find one that works for them. There are a number of different takes on “standard” decks, as well as a variety of nature-oriented decks, and a few eclectic and unique decks that may surprise you. Offerings include some newer decks like the Gaian Tarot, Tarot of the Crone, and Wizard’s Tarot. I hope you will join me there and see what’s on offer!



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