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Open Copyright Information

Creative Commons License
All of the works on this website by Teresa Michelsen are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. Click on the button above to see the plain text or legal text of this open copyright.

In essence:

I retain all copyright to this work, while granting you unlimited rights, free of charge, to:
– Download, copy, and distribute the material
– Use the material in any way you wish, including hard copy, internet/website, and commercial uses
– Modify or use portions of the material as you choose

As long as you:
– Clearly identify me as the author (for modified materials, do your best to accurately identify the portion or extent of my contribution)
– Provide a link back to this website, https://tarotmoonpress.wordpress.com, any time you distribute or publish the material
– Do not copyright any of my original materials. If you copyright modified materials that include any of the materials on this website, you are free to do so under a similar open copyright, or you can contact me to obtain the rights through a contractual agreement.

– I reserve all rights to foreign-language editions of any books or books in progress published on this website. I would be thrilled if you are interested in translating and publishing them, but please contact me for a contractual agreement first. Articles, spreads, and other shorter materials may be translated and freely used as you wish, with attribution as described above.


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  1. Thank you for all of this wonderful information; I look forward to my new studies with this information in hand and will gladly use it for when the time comes that I will teach tarot…I put a link on my webpage that directly links back to your site. I wish I had money to donate to you at this time but unfortunately I do not however I will gladly refer people to your site and someday hopefully I will be able to donate money to your wonderful cause.



    Comment by Kimberly Snell | November 1, 2009 | Reply

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